RCC Weighbridge

We offer RCC Weighbridge that provides weighing solutions for all type of vehicles that are on the road. Moreover, these weighbridges are ideally used at construction sites, mining sites and other such places. Since the platform is in level with the ground, vehicles can approach the weighbridge from any direction. Its platform is made of concrete for longer life and zero maintenance, and platform casting is done at site. Some of the quality attributes are as follows:

Some of the salient attributes of our products are mentioned below:

  • Economical.
  • Maintenance free Platform – No painting & Re-painting required.
  • Stronger, heavier and more stable.
  • Longer Life, Higher Safety

Size and Capacities :

Platform Size Capacity Number of Load Cells
7.5 x 3 m 50t/60t/80t 4
9 x 3 m 50t/60t/80t 4
10 x 3 m 60t/80t/100t 4
12 x 3 m 60t/80t/100t 4
14 x 3m 60t/80t/100t 4
16 x 3 m 60t/80t/100t 6
18 x 3 m 60t/80t/100t 6
20 x 3m 80t/100t 06/08/13

  • Max. axle loads as per specs of Indian Road Congress
  • All specifications subject to change without prior notice.
  • Higher Capacities up to 200t also available

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